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Crafts and Technology

Crafts and Technology


  • To nurture students into thinkers, innovators, and contributors.


Key Programmes:

  • Yishun Secondary Enterprise Training and Showcase (Secondary 3 Design & Technology)
  • Collaboration with PassionArt (Secondary 2 Art)
  • Food & Consumer Education (FCE) Service Learning (Secondary 2 FCE)

Craft and technology subjects are aligned to the 21st Century Competencies required by students to be thinkers, innovators and contributors. Through coursework, students are exposed to thinking and innovation techniques such as project management, art awareness and appreciation, nutrition planning, problems identification, research, decision making, empathy and safety consciousness so that they are able to contribute to the community.



  • The Art and Design & Technology (D&T) units collaborated on an integrated lesson for Secondary 1 Normal (Technical) students to provide them with authentic learning experience.
  • The department uses technologies to engage students like 3D Pen for art sculpturing, silver-scribe for drawing circuit wires, and the 3D printer for prototyping.
  • We would like to congratulate the following students for their achievements:



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