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English Language

English Language


  • To develop students’ into competent communicators of English Language.
  • To inculcate in students the love and appreciation for English Language and Literature.


Key Programmes:

  • Secondary 1 EL Drama: To impart students the right skills and values to speak confidently and expressively in front of an audience by integrating the explicit teaching of oral communication and presentation skills, and drama performance skills in the EL Drama curriculum.
  • Secondary 3E/NA Inter-class Debate Competition: To develop students’ reasoning and persuasion skills in both communication and writing of argumentative essays.
  • Writers’ Circle: To deepen students’ passion for English and help them to discover the relevance of English Language to the real world through authentic learning platforms.
  • Mind Your Language (MYL): To expose students to current affairs and to provide platforms for them to hone heir presentation skills by presenting topics of interest to the whole school.



  • Diorama (student-run newsletter): Students from Writers’ Circle attended a Journalism Workshop conducted by teachers which equipped them with journalism skills. Guided by their teacher mentors, they were immersed in an authentic learning experience by conducting interviews and writing news stories for the school.
  • Secondary 3 Literature Learning Journey: Students visited a learning journey to National Gallery to learn how to form literary perspectives based on art pieces. Students also learnt about the history of the building.
  • Collaboration with Yishun Junior College Debate Club to train students in critical debate skills
  • Our students have also enriched their learning of the English language by participating the following competitions:



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