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  • To develop students’ numeracy skills through logical reasoning, communicating and applications of concepts in real life.
  • To develop every student into a learner who will excel and appreciate Mathematics.


Key Programmes:

  • EMITS Day: To develop Secondary 1 students’ understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of English Language, Science, Mathematics and IT in relation to the real world.
  • Kite Making: Derived from TLLM project based on constructivist approach in geometry where students explore concepts through kite making.
  • Math Trail @ Garden by the Bay: Designed by teachers using iPads.
  • Peer Tutoring: To allow students to communicate mathematically and reinforce their understanding through coaching and learning from their peers.
  • Journal Writing: For students to reflect on their process of learning.
  • Math Modeling: Students learn to tackle questions by stating assumptions, using and interpreting data in problem-solving.
  • The use of ICAN principles in the teaching of low achievers in Mathematics.
  • The use of flipped classroom approach in the teaching of Mathematics.


Highlights / Achievements:

  • We would like to congratulate the following students for their achievements:



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