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Mother Tongue Language

Mother Tongue Language


  • To develop every child into a self-directed and lifelong learner who has a passion for Mother Tongue languages.


Key Programmes:

  • Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight: To enrich the learning of Mother Tongue languages and culture.
  • Broadcasting programme for Chinese Language and Malay Language; and Drama programme for Tamil Language: To provide students with an enriched and holistic experience in mother tongue languages learning and cultural appreciation.
  • To create the awareness of cross-cultural learning by providing exposure to different art forms e.g. performing arts, visual arts and literary arts.


Highlights / Achievements:

  • Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight with the theme “Discovering our roots, Embracing our cultures”. Students participated in a variety of activities ranging from learning journeys, quizzes on traditional food, preparation of cultural food to food-tasting sessions. Through the activities, they were exposed to the history and culture of their Mother Tongue languages.

These competitions provided rich learning experiences as our students acquire a variety of skills such as journalistic skills and event planning; and their level of literary appreciation is also raised.



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