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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


  • To nurture a community of confident, socially responsible and future-ready learners empowered with technology.


Key Programmes:

  • ICT Lessons for lower secondary students: Opportunities for our students to engage in media literacy lessons, from drawing to programming with various application software. Students also expressed their learning using digital photography and videography.
  • Holistic School-wide Cyber Wellness Education: From meaningful learning packages which are implemented during CCE lessons to fun skits engaged during assembly programme to promote cyber wellness messages, our students deepen their understanding on how to be a positive influence and responsible digital learners.
  • EMITS Day: An interdisciplinary (English, Mathematics, I.T. and Science Day) activity which promotes and supports the active construction of meaning through student collaboration to solve real-world problems.  
  • ICT Enrichment: Through collaboration with various partners such as IDA (IDA Lab on Wheels programme), our students experience engaging and experiential activities such as coding games, robotics and programming of drones.



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