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  • To develop students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and aptitude in science through a well-designed science curriculum that focuses on scientific inquiry and authentic learning.
  • To prepare students for studies beyond secondary level in science-dependent academic and vocational courses.


Key Programmes:

  • Secondary 1 Science Project Work: to develop Secondary 1 N(A) and Express students’ scientific thinking and inquiry skills.
  • Science Area for Integrated Learning (SAIL): From 2016 onward, the Science department will be working on transforming the school’s central garden into a space for hands-on and real world learning of Science. The SAIL will become an outdoor learning laboratory and classroom for students, to embark on an exciting journey of deep understanding of scientific concept and phenomena.
  • EMITS Day: To develop Secondary 1 students’ understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of English Language, Science, Mathematics and IT in relation to the real world.



  • We would like to congratulate the following students for their achievements:

From our broad-based science enrichment programmes and exposure to zonal and national competitions, our students have gained deeper applications of science in everday life and have been developed as students of inquirers to fuel their interest and passion towards the learning of science.



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