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NT Level

NT Level


  • Mr. Tan Hong Peng


Key Level Programmes:

For this year NT programme, the whole theme of the programme revolve around a central theme which is “WE”. The rationale of adopting “WE” as the overall theme is to drive through the simple belief that “Together, We will achieve more”. We wanted the students to know that the school and their respective teachers are working hand in hand to help them achieve their dreams as well as providing them with an enriching education environment. Therefore, the breakdown of the “WE” program across the level is as follows:

  • Sec 1 – We Seek (To help students to develop a sense of belonging in YSS)
  • Sec 2 – We Strive (To help students to know that everyone can be the best they can)
  • Sec 3 – We Soar (To guide the students to be the best they can be)
  • Sec 4 – We Soar (To help the students to strive and seek their future)



  • We Decorate: In order to cultivate a sense of belonging to the school environment as well as taking ownership of their classroom, the NT students work with their FTs to decorate their classroom.
  • We Learn: Collaborating with the NYP Mentoring Program in our school, students who aim to move to more challenging streams as well as students who are academically challenged are encourage to work with the NYP mentors.
  • We Bond: Each class has their own class bonding activities which are carried out one a year.
  • We Challenge: Selected students were shortlisted by their teachers or identified via their passions to take part in national wide competitions or represent the school in national wide events.
  • We Educate: The collaborated with ITE to provide the NT students from varied levels to help them gain a deeper understanding on their education pathways and choices. The school also provides opportunity for the students via enrichment programmes to help the students pursue their interest (guitar, singing, hip hop classes) or discover more about themselves (Social etiquette classes, strengthen finder programme).
  • We Contribute: By working with the Pupil welfare department and the music unit, students were also given opportunity to contribute to the society.



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